Original Scripts

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Half-Hour Comedy

A parody on high school melodrama television. Fraternal twins, Alex and Oliver King, attempt to navigate the bizarre hell hole known as HI High School.

  Half-Hour Comedy

 Workaholics meets Girls. These four college drop outs don't take life too seriously. Between being alcoholics, stoners, and performing stunts landing them in the hospital or jail, these guys rarely have a dull day. We follow Chris Black, who is the voice of reason, but also the one that often leads the gang into trouble.  

    Half-Hour Drama

  This follows a group of flawed and messed up young adults attending college in Chicago. In many ways these characters are something between the cast of Skins and Girls.Their college experience can, at times, be more extreme than most students. As they struggle trying to get along with one another they also attempt to accept themselves and their mistakes. 

Out of Luck

       Hour Sci-Fi Drama

     Kevin has no idea his life is so perfect. Turns out he's a reincarnation of Malcolm Ford, an infamous scumbag from another universe. Malcolm made a deal with a god-like entity that in his next life the first two decades would be blessed, but the two years following would be cursed. On Kevin's twentieth birthday he finds out that if he survives the next two years of complete chaos and turmoil he will get his blessed life back.

      Kevin has no idea for those two years he will be visited by enemies from the other universe to locate Malcolm's ultimate treasure. Luckily, Malcolm's widowed wife and his best friend join Kevin to fend off anyone who's after Kevin and Malcolm's treasure.

But are their intentions just as selfish as Malcolm's enemies?

     Half-Hour Comedy

     Charlie Sumner is beginning his first year of high school and it's off to a great start. With his best friend sitting behind him and the girl he's had a crush on since middle school sitting in front of him in media class this year promises to be fantastic.

          Unfortunately his next door neighbor is the temporary teacher and unless they find a permanent teacher the media program will be shut down completely.  Charlie must bring the students together and convince his neighbor to continue being the media teacher so he can pursue his passion as a filmmaker and continue hitting on Julie Dent.

Original Sketches

A series of blackout sketches
Lincoln's assassination, the Titanic sinking, Hitler invading Poland, all moments that could be very different if weed was involved. What if...



Blackout sketch
How do you assume Batman gets around?



Don't you hate it when your drug dealer keeps sending hitmen to kill you?


Jesus' dad had trouble getting in to heaven.


Spec Scripts

      Half Hour Comedy on Comedy Central

     Karl is trippin' on shrooms in a laser tag arena. Blake recruits Adam and Ders to help find Karl. They agree when they find out about the prize to the winners of the laser tag game. Unfortunately,  the little kids playing pose a threat to the prize and their chances of getting Karl out alive.

     Half Hour Comedy on FOX 

     Jess volunteers for a program that requires her bringing home a variety of animals to the loft. One of the animals Schmidt and Winston begin to train in order to make money. Nick thinks his dreams can predict the future.

Franklin & Bash

Starstruck and Spaced-Out

    Hour Drama/Comedy on TNT   

    Franklin and Bash must defend their childhood hero, but first they have to learn to trust him. Pindar faces his deepest fear yet, jury duty.

Two Birds, One Stone

    Hour Comedy on USA

    It's flu season and the majority of the Santa Barbra Police Department is out recovering or getting vaccinated. Shawn and Gus decide to tackle two different cases to help out a very sick Lassiter.